Sinkhole is one of the best bands to come out of Boston (well, technically New Hampshire). They sound great both on record (their latest being Space Freak and a new one, Core Sample, on the way) and live--I highly recommend hearing them both ways. The following are their answers to lame questions asked to 3/4 of the band: Jon Clark (who also runs Ringing Ear Records), Eliot Shepard and Thatcher Ulrich.

How did the A.G.'s become Sinkhole?
Jon: It was all thanks to the miracle of modern science and an inexpensive Danish surgeon.

What are some of your musical influences?
Jon: Mostly pop-punk stuff, but pop-punk stuff with some spine; not this wimpy lovey-dovey formula crap that's spreading like the plague. I'm into bands like the Descendents, old Replacements, Rocket From The Crypt, Superchunk, old Goo Goo Dolls, Jawbreaker, Treepeople, Meices, Doc Hopper, Bob Evans, etc.
Eliot: Pre-Acropolis Yanni, Steve Martin, and Drive Like Jehu.

Below: Thatch and Eliot

What was the last album you bought?
Jon: Team Dresch's Personal Best.
Thatch: A collection of Leadbelly stuff. He does a thoroughly spooky rendition of "John Hardy" accompanying himself on concertina (that thing sailors play).
Eliot: Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath, Vol. 4.

Are you guys space freaks?
Jon: No. I used to be, back when I was a little kid and I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind for the first time. I got really into UFO's and aliens and I would read all kinds of books on that shit. Then I went through an astronaut phase and I'd build model rockets and play Neil Armstrong. Now it's strictly porno mags.
Eliot: Only in the sense that we all happen to write pornographic science-fiction novels.

Who's responsible for some of the song titles ("Burning, Itching, Irritation," etc.)?
Jon: "Burning, Itching, Irritation" was the product of a Preparation H ad exec. I stole it from them. Generally, though, the person who writes the song comes up with the title.
Eliot: We get most of the titles from snowboarding magazines.

What do you do to entertain yourselves on tour?
Jon: Drive, sit around, read fanzines.
Thatch: I like to amuse myself with a pad of paper, Jon likes to amuse himself by searching for a toothbrush, Eliot likes to amuse himself by reading alternative music fanzines and complaining about how stupid they are, and Chris [Pierce, drummer] just plays the "Butt Game" by himself.
Eliot: Cockfighting, mostly.

Where's your favorite place to play (club and/or city)? Do you preferplaying locally?
Jon: The Centrum is always good, but nothing beats the outdoor concert experience of Great Woods.

Below: Jon

What do you think of the Boston music scene?
Jon: Too much smoke.
Eliot: A lot of people talk a lot of shit about the bands in Boston. It's no problem for me, though, because I love grunge music.

Do you find that glasses are annoying when you're playing?
Jon: Yes. That's why I haven't been wearing them lately. Plus I can't find my Croakies.
Thatch: Yes and no. I don't like it when they slide around or get fogged up, but I like being able to read the set-list and see the expressions on the faces of people in the audience when Chris tells the joke about "Do you guys remember your first blow-job?"
Eliot: Like, no way man.

What would be your perfect day?
Jon: A free all-day Chinese buffet/Mentors show.
Eliot: I'd do my charity work at the Veteran's Hospital all day, then go over to Jeff Buckley's house and beat him up with a two-by-four.

What would you do if, while doing laundry, you found $50 in your pants pocket you didn't know you had?
Jon: Go get myself a nice piece of ass.
Thatch: Examine the pants for stains.
Eliot: I'd buy a lot of cashews. Either that or call Chris Pierce 500 times from a pay phone at 5 AM.

Sinkhole, c/o Ringing Ear Records, 9 Maplecrest, Newmarket, NH 03857

Uploaded March 1996.