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The Allstonians

The great ska music crash of `99 may have weeded out the faux-ska bands, sending them running for the safe haven of metal rap. But the true ska bands soldier on, and they don't come much truer than The Allstonians.

A solid staple of the Boston music scene for years, The Allstonians are not only one of the best ska band to come out of Boston (well, Allston), they're one of the best ska bands around, period. They have a modern sound that's rooted firmly in traditional ska, with catchy upbeat songs, a killer horn section, and often humorous lyrics.

Nigel Knucklehead (singer/keyboards) was nice enough to take the time to respond to some questions on ska music today, the city of Boston, and Moon Records. The honesty in his answers is refreshing, and also makes for a more interesting read...  next »